4Years/40Walls is interactive.  Click on a picture to see the same wall at two or four year intervals. The year appears below the picture on the left. The photographs were taken in July 2011, August 2013, and December 2015. The first 12 walls include shots from all three years. The rest compare 2011 and 2015.

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Philadelphia's abandoned Spring Garden School No. 1 was well known among urban explorers, vandals, and graffiti artists for almost a decade and attracted streams of people with paint cans and markers. When virtually all the walls were covered, they began over-painting each other. The result was visual cacophony that, like some untethered 20th century orchestral music, could simultaneously offend and beguile.

In its entirety Spring Garden School's interior was a compelling kinetic artwork, a slow-motion installation, a marvel to experience. The pictures here only hint at that adventure in time and abstraction.  They show the progression of graffiti and vandalism between July of 2011 and December of 2015 .


John Bendel